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Share your experience of the Camino de Santiago, ask questions about the Findhorn Foundation or the Centres' Gathering.


findhorn foundation

I visited the findhorn foundation, a spiritual community, eco-village and international centre for holistic education, to join 'Experience Week' before beginning my pilgrimage.

It was heart opening preparation for the walk and now, two years later, I live and work in the community and this blog also explores my journey beyond the Camino.

centres gathering

My journey has evolved to co-ordinate the 2012 international holistic centers gathering, hosted by the Findhorn Foundation as part of their 50th birthday celebrations.

This is a unique opportunity for members of holistic centers around the world to connect with each other, as we help to unfold a new human consciousness on the planet.

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In May 2009 I walked the Camino de Santiago, the ancient pilgrimage route across Northern Spain, several years after first hearing these mystical words. To consciously embark on the pilgrimage was to blend my deep love of travel with my passion for the spiritual path.

I set out with the sense that walking 800km would be the most challenging intention I’d set myself so far, both physically and emotionally. It was also a life changing experience, being immersed in nature and walking carefully upon the earth.

Two years on, my understanding of the experience is still unfolding. A traveller all my life, I believe in ‘home as a state of being’. The walk played an important role in coming home to the self, discovering love as our natural state of being, and the joy and enthusiasm possible when living truly in the moment.

pilgrimage and community

The pilgrimage became an extended walking meditation; an opportunity to practice gratitude, impermanence and surrender to the unknown. I listened to my body more deeply and developed my intuition or ‘inner guidance’ along the way.

I embraced the simple life, just walking – eating – sleeping. Walking alone, inspired by a deep yearning for inner peace, the contemplation of the personal experience was perfectly combined with the camaraderie along the way.

Here at I share my experience of the pilgrimage, continuing onto my experience of now living and working in a spiritual community. You can begin reading the journal here

pilgrim’s quotation

“Those who are happy are living a well kept secret that the real measure of success in life is not in the destination but in the amount of joy we feel along the way.”